Process Them

Email processor for POP3

Process Them is an email processor that allows you automatically process all emails you have in your POP3 mailbox or in Outlook Express, Microsoft Outlook email client so you don't have to do it manually any more

This email processor can automatically:

  • Process web forms you receive by email, extract common data and save it to a database (Excel, Access, MS SQL or MySQL) or to a text file
  • Save attachments to dedicated folder and remove these attachments from emails
  • Send emails using extracted data. For example, it can be used as autoresponder with custom parameters
  • Launch files with parameters using extracted data. So you can pass extracted data information directly to other applications
  • Delete, move or copy messages between folders. This feature can be used as perfect antispam filter or just to sort email according to your needs

Process Them


Process Them 1.24